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Arbortech Tree Surgeons

ArborTech Scotland are fully qualified professional tree surgeons working in the Central Scotland area based in East Kilbride Glasgow.

• Professional Tree Surgery • Tree Removals • Tree Maintenance • Large Tree Work Specialists • Crown Reduction • Crown Thinning • Stump Removal & Grinding • Hedge Lowering Trimming & Shaping • Site Clearance • Forestry Tree Management • Local Council & Contract Tree Services

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We can remove any tree from small minor trees to large trees which only professionals can take down or trim.

Do you have a tree in your garden or land that’s threatening to fall or is casuing an obstruction?
Have you always disliked a certain tree on your landscape?
Don’t attempt to cut down a tree on your own especially if it is larger than an average person’s height. This can not only be dangerous, but can cause much larger issues if done incorrectly.

ArborTech tree services are tree removal specialists. We have the equipment, skills and expertise necessary to remove any tree that’s causing a problem…quickly and safely.
After we’re done, we will clean up any debris and leave your property in tip-top condition.

Ensure the Health of Your Trees – we can provide tree maintenance services to keep them healthy and save damaged trees.

If you have overgrown trees or dead trees on your property or you need to have your trees pruned, you should contact a tree specialist as soon as possible, otherwise your problem may escalate.
Doing so could not only take care of an unsightly or overgrown tree but it may also protect your tree from becoming unhealthy or your property from fallen tree damage.

Arbortech Scotland tree services have been providing quality tree trimming and pruning services to homes and businesses accross Central Scotland including, East Kilbride, Glasgow, Lanarkshire etc for a number of years.

We can provide services to shape and tidy your garden trees or maintain the health of your trees so that they do not become unhealthy.

Tree pruning is a process through which we trim and get rid of any dead wood to foster healthy growth. This should be done by a professional every 3-5 years, or as soon as you notice an accumulation of dead wood.

Arbortech Scotland can provide a full service for shaping and trimming large hedges.

Large or tall hedges can prove difficult for average people to trim, you should also be very careful as this is often an easy area to suffer personal injury if you are raised off the ground on chairs or ladders for example. Equally, using dangerous electrical or sharp equipment is also a regular cause of injury for people who are not experienced.

– Arbortech Scotland provide hedge trimming services all over Central Scotland. We have equipment and staff to make the job easy and we can trim hedges in no time. Trimming will also keep your hedges healthy.

We can remove Tree Stumps from your garden or property.

If you have a tree stump which is unsightly and you would like it removed, Arbortech Scotland can do this quickly and easily with our modern equipment.

We have equipment and expertise that allows us to do the job easily and effectively.