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Garden Rooms Scottish Borders

garden rooms scottish borders

garden rooms scottish borders

If you are looking for a garden room or a garden building we can provide a range of services to the highest quality. We can set up garden rooms which act as offices, workshops, log cabins, and summerhouses in various sizes, style and budgets.

Our garden rooms are built from timber wood or composite cladding, and can have full insulation, electrical wiring and double glazing as required. Garden rooms and garden buildings can be located in gardens or added as extensions to the back of a house for example.

Garden rooms Scottish Borders is an ideal way of extending your living or working space as an addition to your home and garden.

Visit our website for more info or give us a call for a free quote and further information about our services in The Scottish Borders.

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We install garden rooms which are high quality, solid and fully insulated.

A garden room, log cabin, garden office or summerhouse can be used for a range of purposes such as working from home, socialising, relaxation, entertaining, hobbies, gym or man-caves.

Garden rooms are growing in popularity as they do not generally require planning permission and they increase living space as well as the value of your property.

We provide services for garden buildings in the scottish borders so contact us today for a free quote or further information.

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